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Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
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8th District Commander - Harley Droba

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District Summer meeting Post 3979 - Cloquet
District Fall meeting Post 1221 - Hibbing
District Winter meeting Post 1539 - Babbit
   Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen  
   Post 1539 - Babbit
District Loyalty Days Post 1757 - Cook
We find ourselves in the same situation that most Veteran’s, and any of the other volunteer groups, and that is the 8th District is dealing with a lack of participation by its members, retaining its annual members and recruiting new members as the older members pass on.  Changes in the way we do business as determined by not only our parent organization, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but by various state and federal governing bodies are having an effect on us, creating additional time and expense in keeping compliant with regulations. If you have a “canteen” or gambling, you’re certainly aware of those changes. As District Commander, it is my duty to keep our Posts updated with those changes and also seek compliance by our Posts in a timely fashion. I am available to Posts or individual members as needed with any questions on issues that they may face. If I don’t have the answers you need at hand, I’ll do my best to get the answers to you as soon as possible.
As many of you are aware, my focus with my membership in the VFW has been the Legislative side of the organization. We need to be diligent of our rights as Veterans, and if you have been paying attention, you know the necessity of that process. Whether it’s the issues with the VA, some of our Members are experiencing or pending legislation at the State or Federal levels, we need to be there, informed, educated and willing to assist or take to task those individuals or institutions that are affecting our rights as Veterans.  
I look forward to the coming year as your District Commander and will do my level best to serve our membership to the best of my abilities.

Robert “Rick” Stoehr, VFW District 8 Commander
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